Currently teaching

  • ENVS 2003 Ocean Science 
  • SCIE 1050 Science of Gastronomy 
  • LIFS 3160 Ecology

Other courses previously taught

  • Larval Ecology, WHOI/MIT Joint Program, Fall 2013
  • Field Methods in Oceanography, Univ. of Washington, Spring 2012
  • Scientific Methods in Practice, Univ. of Washington, Spring 2011 

communicating Science with the public 


Karen is involved with various efforts to promote science literacy. For example, some of her research has been summarized in comics form by the talented Michelle Weirathmuller, a fellow UW Oceanography student.

Karen is also actively involved with the groups show below. 




























Consortium for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE)

(Formerly known as Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence)

As a scientist participant, Karen has both attended and help lead COSEE workshops and contributed lessons towards the Best of COSEE-Hands on activities. She is also involved with the establishment of COSEE-China. 


National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI

As a NOCCI Science Fellow, Karen has contributed towards training informal science educators to understand scientific concepts behind ocean and climate change. She is also involved in encouraging scientists to form networks with social scientists and educators to develop best practices that will impart social changes. 


Independent Generation of Research (iGOR)

Serving as one of the science experts, Karen is encouraging a new renaissance in which everyone can contribute original research.


K-12 classroom involvements and professional development for teachers 

Together with GK12 fellows at the University of Washington and in-service teachers, Karen developed modules for K-12 classrooms. They have been published as the American Biology Teacher and Best of COSEE-Hands on activities. She has also led professional development workshops for teachers through National Science Teachers Association. 

Larval Ecology Class in Friday Harbor Labs 

Team Puffin 2011 (Karen was a science judge, technical consultant and question writer) for the National Ocean Science Bowl)

Karen also volunteered for the Seattle Aquarium for years. She was lucky enough to have witness the birth of the sea otther Seiku. 


You can still watch them in action here

Comic on larval cloning under ocean acidification condition  

LIFS, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong  

Chan Lab


Division of Life Science

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

Photos by Dr. Karen Chan. Last updated on Nov 162018