Publication list

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My PhD study at the University of Gothenburg (2009-2013, Sweden) focused on assessing the impacts of the human-driven decrease in ocean pH (ocean acidification), on the whole life-cycle of the green sea urchin, an ecologically and economically important species of the Swedish coastal waters. I pursued this study during my post-doc at the University of La Rochelle (2014, France), investigating the combined effect of ocean acidification and metallic pollutants on the larvae of another sea urchin species.


Previously, I had worked on (1) the combined effects of ocean acidification and temperature on the cuttlefish development, metabolism and calcification (2009 - IAEA, Monaco) as well as on (2) the effect of elevated temperatures on the health of seagrass meadows (2008 - JCU, Australia) and on (3) the development of the gastropod crepidula (2008 - UPMC, France). I also shortly worked on a project aiming to identify the genes involved in the neurogenesis of the cuttlefish (2007 - MNHN, France).


I have a strong knowledge of marine ecology and benthic invertebrate development, biostatistics (R), laboratory cultures, carbonate seawater chemistry manipulation/computation as well as knowledge regarding basic molecular biology and cellular cultures.

Dr. Narimane DOREY


I am a PhD in the field of Marine Biology. I am generally interested by marine invertebrates, developmental biology, ecology and ecophysiology in a changing world (e.g. climate change, ocean acidification, pollution).


My current post-doc project in Dr. Chan’s lab focuses on the effects of metals and ocean acidification on the larvae of invertebrates in order to gain insights regarding phenotypic plasticity, adaptation potential and parental acclimatization.

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