Prof. Chan featured in STRI news 


Find out what Prof. Chan did in Panama and how larvae swim in hot tub by reading this article in STRI news.










Presentation at Academia Sinica, Taipei  


Prof. Chan was invited by the Center of Environment Change and Center of Biodiversity to give two seminars. She was extremely delighted to reconnect with her hosts Prof. George Wong and Dr. Benny Chan.  









Twining urchins and Robo barnacles

Winter 2014  

We recently found fission in purple urchins in our lab and we were also joined by Dr. Benny Chan to put out robot barnacles to monitor our local waters.   









Bocas del Toro Project Continues 

Jan 2015 

Our lab goes to Panama again! This time new graduate student Jessalynm Spears and Research Assistant Karen Mak are both studying how larval urchin cope with warming ocean. 









Visitor from South Africa 

Feb - Mar 2015 

Dr Paulla Pattrick from South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiveristy join us for a month to exchange techniques and findings on larval physiology and behavior. 









Water fleas in hot tub, FYP student got an award

Apr 30 2015 

Congratulations to our final year project student Miss Wong Hoi Ni (BISC) who was awarded the best poster presentation for her work on thermal tolerance of Daphnia. 









Two New Publications on Ocean Acidification 

May 2015 

New collaborative work published in Scientific Reports and ICES Journal of Marine Science







Unveiling the secret of planktons to high school students

May 6 2015 

Dr. Chan gave a presentation to S.3-4 students at Tang King Po College on the "secret lives of plankton". 








LIFS, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong  

Chan Lab


Division of Life Science

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

Photos by Dr. Karen Chan. Last updated on March 92018